About Panhandle Promise Project

The Goal of Panhandle Promise Project


Promise Project aims to empower and end the stigma associated with families and children that have experienced or are experiencing incarceration. This goal allows Promise Project to promote family involvement, volunteer opportunities, education, mentoring, and nurturing within our community.


The Objectives of Panhandle Promise Project


Panhandle Promise Project is geared towards children in Amarillo and Canyon to interact with other children and families experiencing similar life stressors due to incarceration. Children between the ages of 6-17 are encouraged to interact with others in the community to gain natural supports and build healthy relationships.


These objectives are achieved by:


4-Day Summer Camp

  • This is the biggest activity for the program as children get to experience team building skills, socialization skills, education, and fun for the summer! This service aims to provide leadership skills to older children participating in the program to become active members in their community once graduated from the program.

Mentoring Services

  • Mentoring is provided throughout the academic school year. A paired mentor will meet with the child once to twice a month in a school setting as an additional support and role model. Increased outside support for children has shown to improve different areas in their life. More about mentorship.....

Monthly Activities

  • Monthly activities are held once a month to provide socialization between families and children. These activities can be located anywhere and can be anything. We also recognize holidays with a Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas party! This also allows families to become actively involved with each other to build supports outside the agency.


The biggest perk of these activities is that they are all provided free to the families! We are fortunate enough to continue this fee-free service due to the generous donors and sponsors of the Panhandle Promise Project.



The Mission of Panhandle Promise Project



  • The Panhandle Promise Project not only educates kids and their families, but strives to educate the community as well.



  • We take any opportunity we can to make a learning experience.
  • Each child is able to grow through social learning.
  • By educating through...




  • The caregivers can be a grandparent, a single parent, foster parent, aunt, uncle, or friend.
  • It is important that each caregiver feels important and have a support network.





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