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We have found out that having a positive influencer in their life starting at a young age, helps create characteristics, beliefs and values that set them up to do great things later in life. We pair up our youth to a mentor who becomes that positive influence. These mentors meet with them once a week for lunch or breakfast at school and get the opportunity to invest into these amazing young people! Building this relationship helps our youth develop healthy relationships with adults they can trust.


School-Based Mentoring

School-based mentoring is exactly what it sounds like.  Instead of a mentor taking the child out in the community, for example to the park or for ice cream, the mentor will spend time with the child in a secure environment at school.  The only requirement Panhandle Promise Project is asking for is for the mentor to have breakfast or lunch with the child at least 2 times a month during the school year.  If the mentor is available to spend more days with the child, that is absolutely acceptable to go more than twice a month.  Mentors have 3 options for food: buy it, bring it, or don’t eat.  Mentors are allowed to pay for a school breakfast/ lunch, they are allowed to bring their own lunch, or they can choose not to eat at that time. *A consent waiver has to be signed by a guardian before a mentor can bring the child outside food, if the mentor wishes to do so.* At this time, mentoring is limited to elementary schools as the older children will be part of a different program.


Advantages Of Being A Mentor

  • Low cost to be a mentor
  • Flexibility to fix into your schedule
  • Make a positive difference in a child’s life


Advantages For The Child

  • Improve academic performance, especially in science and English
  • Improve the quality of class work
  • Increase the number of assignments turned in
  • Reduce fighting and suspensions
  • Increase the child’s confidence in academics
  • Reduce skipping class
  • Increase the child’s self-confidence

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