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Quotes from Volunteers


“This is such a great environment to volunteer in and the mentoring program is such an amazing way to get to know the kids!”  -Isamar


-  Research have shown that mentoring a child decreases the likelihood of committing violent crimes towards others as well a decrease in substance abuse (Eddy et al., 2014).


- Some of the promising findings that have been found in children who have been mentor were increased in self-esteem, improvements in relationships with parents and peers, improvements in school performance, and better school attendance. It was also found that there were reductions in negative behaviors such as substance abuse, violence, and other risky behaviors (Eddy et al., 2014).


Eddy, J. M., Cearley, J., Bergen, J., & Stern-Carusone, J. (2014). Children of incarcerated parents. In D. L. DuBois & M. J. Karcher (Eds.), Handbook of youth mentoring (2nd ed., pp. 369–382). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage





In the early 1990s the Episcopal Church started the Happy Camp, a summer camp for the benefit of at-risk children in the diocese of Northwest Texas. A pattern seem to emerge during the development of the camp this was that many of the children who attended camp had a family member incarcerated. In 2005 the Promise Camp was added, which focused specifically on children with incarcerated parents/family members. By 2011 a board of directors was formed with local community members and expanded its mission and became the Panhandle Promise Project. In 2012 the program was awarded the status of 501c3 organization and separated from the Episcopal Church.


Our mission is to help break the intergenerational cycle of incarceration by providing a range of services to children in the Texas panhandle who have a parent currently in the Texas Department of Justice. Any child who has a family member on probation, parole, or incarcerated is eligible for our services. Services are provided based on the need of each child and his or her family. Primary services include a summer camp, year round mentoring and monthly activities as well as assistance for the families in accessing other services.


  • All services are free to the families and the children in the program.
  • We relied solely on Donations and community support
  • We provide services to children of ages 6-18 in the Amarillo/Canyon area.
  • The program is run by college students and volunteers



Children are 20% of our population, but 100% of our future








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